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We have had a great amount of success with our workshops and seminars and have taught many people from different work places, educational institutes and community groups. Participants have found a lot of value in the content that we have taught. We offer workshops and seminars in Self-Defence, Team Building, Anti-Bullying and Anti-Harassment.

Self Defence

Can you defend yourself? The Kung Fu School has a specialised self-defence program that focuses largely on preventing and reducing the risk of dangerous situations. Along with this knowledge the participant also learn practical skills in escaping and defending against potential attackers. We call this our R.E.D principle – Reduce, Escape, and Defend. Our Self Defence workshops are ideal if you want to learn how to:

  • Identify risky and dangerous situations
  • Gain confidence in standing up for yourself
  • Escape if you are confronted
  • Defend yourself or your loved oens when the situation arises

Our Self Defence workshops include many activities that will help build your confidence and skills through:

  • Role play situations
  • Practicing strikes to keep attackers at bay
  • Learning techniques to escape common holds
  • Testing out your strikes and techniques on a ‘test assailant’

This is just a taste of what our self-defence workshops can do for you. Make an inquiry to your nearest Kung Fu School now to find out more.

Team Building (importance of working together and community)

  • Trust and communication within your group
  • Rapport amongst members
  • Participation in idea making
  • Motivation

We are a family and community based martial arts. We want to be able to help develop this atmosphere to other business and social groups as well. We have a big emphasis on supporting each other for a common cause. Make an inquiry to your nearest Kung Fu School now to find out more.


Our anti-harassment seminar gives the participant the knowledge to distinguish between different forms of harassment and threats in everyday life. Harassment comes in many forms and can happen anywhere. Harassment is any behaviour which is found to be disturbing or threatening. This can come in the form of:

  • Bullying
  • Unwelcome and hurtful jokes
  • Verbal abuse
  • Aggressive behaviour or offensive gestures
  • Sexual harassment

The Kung Fu School is against harassment of any kind. We stand by the traditional values that our art encourages such as respect. This includes respect for others and respect for yourself. Ensure you don’t become a victim and make an inquiry to your nearest Kung FU School now to find our more.


We identify that bullying can be common and many people who come to kung fu are victims of this. It is more common amongst children and teens and we aim to empower victims of bullying. Bullying is any behaviour where someone attempts to gain power over another by abuse over time. This abuse can emotional, verbal or physical and can be very intimidating. We are against bullying and other forms of harassment and intimidation. We teach people to have the confidence to stand up to others. Not Through fighting but challenging bullies and resolving conflict through the appropriate lines. We aim to develop:

  • Confidence to stand up to bullies
  • How to handle different bullying scenarios
  • Identify ways to reduce bullying
  • Leading by example – Ensuring participants know that is not OK to be a bully

We understand that youth can be an emotionally turbulent time. We want to empower our youth and give them the confidence and self-esteem required to be advocates against bullying behaviour. Make an inquiry to your nearest Kung Fu School now to find out more.

Instructor teaching woman's self defence class

The workshops are catered to the audience, whether it is a woman’s self-defence, anti-harassment/bullying for children and teens or a comprehensive self-defence course that spans a few days or weeks. You won’t be disappointed with our workshops so invest in your future now and contact your nearest Kung Fu School.

Remember any workplace, educational institute or community organisation is suitable for our courses. We have taught many different groups and are open to see where we can benefit the community. Inquire now to see what we can do for you. Workshops and seminars are subject to availability and at the discretion of the Kung Fu School instructors.

Please give plenty of notice before any event.