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Ideal for Corporate & Community Events

Want people to have a taste of something cool and exciting at your event? How about Tai Chi!? Tai Chi and Chi Gung have been proven to have many different health benefits. If Kung Fu is not your thing then try your hand at the internal side of our martial art. Tai Chi and Chi Gung are not as physical as Kung Fu and uses soft movements that are known to relieve stress levels.





Tai chi and chi gung work to reduce the physical effects of stress on the body. The regular practice of tai chi combined with chi gung can:

  • Reduce stress
  • Control your Weight
  • Control Emotions
  • Improve Concentration
  • Improve your Circulation
  • Increase Energy, Agility and Flexibility
  • Loosen and Strengthen Joints and Muscles
  • Improve your metabolism, digestion
  • Simulate the lymph system
  • Rejuvenate Body, Mind and Spirit


Tai chi emphasizes complete relaxation, and can be used as a form of meditation. It has been referred to by some as moving meditation. Tai chi is characterized by soft, slow, flowing movements that emphasize force, flow and direction, rather than brute strength.


Tai Chi


According to Chinese medicine, tai chi masters, and tai chi philosophy, one becomes ill when the flow of the chi through the body becomes blocked. The Chinese recognize several means for freeing up the flow of chi. Some of the more commonly known forms are acupuncture, tai chi and chi gung.


We have offered our program to many different groups, so please do not hesitate to ask if you are interested. Take the first step in unlocking the secrets of Tai Chi and Chi gung by contacting your nearest instructor now. Tai Chi and Chi Gung courses are subject to the availability and at the discretion of the Kung Fu School instructors.


Please give plenty of notice before any event.


Tai Chi