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Children’s Classes Young Tigers (Ages 7-12)

The focus of our child development program is to provide your children with the highest quality martial arts instruction available. This occurs in a safe and positive learning environment, a place where your child can succeed.

There are many positive benefits your children will receive from Kung Fu:

Keep Them Fit And Active

With children spending more and more time in front of the tv and playing video games it can be hard to keep your child active. Kung Fu gets them out of the house and exercising regularly with an activity they love.

Make Friends

Your child will meet and socialise with many children, often making friends for life. If you look at our seniors, you’ll see friendships formed in kung fu when they were younger and continued into adulthood.

Increase Mental Focus

Teachers and parents report children being more focused in activities outside of kung fu as well as leading to better academic and sporting achievements. The life skills that children learn with us will benefit them throughout their lives.

Respect and Discipline

Absolutely every child benefits from the traditional values such as respect and discipline fostered within the Kung Fu School. We offer a fun and enjoyable environment that children respond well to. We have many parents that bring their children to us for this sole reason and they are always extremely happy with the results.

Greater Confidence

We believe your child’s confidence is a critical factor that will determine their success in life. The Kung Fu School gives your child the confidence and mental fortitude that they need when the going gets tough.

Kung Fu and Martial Arts give confidence for children

Leadership Development

Leadership is a valuable skill that can take your child far. As your child progresses they will be given more responsibility and become an important role model in class.

Self Defence

The concepts and techniques your child learns will help them become better equipped to deal with dangerous situations in their lives. Our main focus is teaching them how to recognise and avoid danger before it unfolds.

Experienced Instruction

Our Sifu has a PhD in education and is dedicated to your child’s success. He brings a wealth of knowledge from both teaching and martial arts to ensure you child has the best experience possible.

Experienced instruction in kung fu and martial arts


At the end of the day, our classes are fun and the children enjoy them. Many children have trained with us for years and continued on into the adults class.

We’re sure you’re child will want to do the same.

Fun kung fu and martial arts for children

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