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Adult Kung Fu Classes (Ages 13+)

The focus of our adult class is to provide you with the highest quality martial arts instruction available. This occurs in a safe and positive learning environment, a place where you can succeed.

Many people want to start a martial art for the following reasons:

  • Lose weight and get fit
  • Learn to defend yourself
  • Have greater confidence in your abilities
  • Reduce stress and gain focus
  • Set and achieve your goals
  • Make new friends

Lose Weight and Get Fit

Have you ever tried going to a gym to get in shape? With all the best intentions you sign up for a year only to find convenient excuses raising their heads in a few short months.

There’s a good reason for this… working out by yourself can be extremely boring! Without other people around to push you and keep you motivated it’s very hard to reach your goals.

The Kung Fu School offers you the best of both worlds. You get targeted “gym-like” exercises that strengthen and tone your muscles while increasing flexibility. Plus a great cardio workout at every class. Not to mention you do all this in a fun and lively group environment that helps your achieve your best.

Kung fu and martial arts for adults

Learn to Defend Yourself

While we might not like to admit it, the world is becoming unsafe.

The truth of the matter is self defence is so much more than learning how to strike someone or escape a choke hold. It’s definitely something you won’t learn in a weekend seminar.

The real benefits of self defence come from an increased awareness of your surroundings, from developing the ability to avoid dangerous situations, and from suppressing your ego so you feel no need to prove yourself.

But in saying this, being ready doesn’t mean you have to train like a SAS Commando. Our Kung Fu classes will help prepare you if the need arises, although we hope it never does.

Self defense for adults

Have Greater Confidence

Most people could do with more confidence. Because it doesn’t matter how confident a person may seem, they always have insecurities. And often the loudest, most in-your-face people are the least confident of all.

Whether you want more confidence in your job or business, in your relationships or friendships, or the ability to just go out and get what you want in life, Kung Fu will help.

From pushing yourself in class you will learn to do things with your body and mind that you never thought possible. Obtaining your black belt is a perfect example of this as all candidates are pushed to their physical and mental limits. Because how do you know your limits if you’ve never tried to go past them?

Kung Fu can be compared to a marathon… but you are only racing against yourself. You train your body into peak physical condition and your mind to become strong and focused.

Kung fu sparring

Lastly, research shows the number one fear of people is public speaking. As you progress in your martial arts journey you’ll find yourself passing on your knowledge through teaching one-on-one, to small groups, and finally to entire classes. If we can take students of all ages from teenagers to adults, and have them easily conquer this “number one fear…” imagine what we can do for your life.

Reduce stress, gain focus, and achieve your goals

By training in Kung Fu you will find yourself having a much more positive outlook towards life. In situations where you might have said “No, it can’t be done” previously, suddenly you’ll be saying “I can do this!”

A true martial artist simply interacts with the world in a different way. It’s like lifting the cloud of everyday life to reveal the inner workings of it all. Problems and stressful situations that seemed insurmountable before will be mere steps on the way to achieving your goals. While others are running around stressed, you’ll be cool, calm, and collected in your life.

While we don’t want to sound arrogant with these statements, you can see the difference in the way a martial artist carries themselves. It won’t take long for you to start experiencing these same benefits and to see a new perspective on life.

Make New Friends

Our students come from all walks of life… and bring a wealth of life experience with them. Everyone is on their own personal journey but you’ll find most are very similar to yours. Whatever reason you have for starting a martial art, you’ll find students that share your goals and motivation. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Also, everyone trains together. We have no beginner classes so right from the start you will be mixed with the complete range of students, some who have been training for over 10 years and others that have just started. This means you receive the wisdom and experience from a multitude of people with a range of abilities.

The bond that you form with your fellow students is completely unique and different to what you’ll experience in any other activity. It’s also hard to find in many martial arts schools. Our family environment is one of the main reasons students stay with us for so long and we pride ourselves on what it means to so many people.

Make new friends at kung fu

So What’s Holding You Back?

After reading the above, you now have an idea of the many benefits the Kung Fu School can offer you. So what are some of the reasons that could stop your journey.

Lack of Free Time

We won’t lie to you and tell you that doing martial arts won’t take a serious time investment on your part. These days, everyone seems to be so busy that available time is always a problem when it comes to improving yourself.

Our philosophy is you only get to live your life once, so make the most of the opportunities you have. “Carpe diem” – seize the day.

Lack of Energy

Following on from the point above, another argument we hear is about a lack of energy.

You’ll find that by training at the Kung Fu School you’ll feel energized and gain a new found zest for life. By training your body and mind, you’ll receive physical benefits and a dramatic improvement in your outlook on life.

It’s also interesting that once you start class this lack of energy during the day will simply wash away. Many of us that have been training a while can still feel drained before class… but once it starts you forget all about the worries of the day. As one student commented, “the hard part of training is just getting in the car… once you’re there it’s easy!”

Lack of Money

An important part of martial arts is giving back and passing on the knowledge you receive. All of our instructors are volunteers and none make a living from teaching Kung Fu. Everyone teaches because of a passion for teaching our art.

This allows us to keep costs very reasonable and even cheaper than most activities or “sports.” Finally, everything you pay goes straight back into better facilities and equipment for your training. It pays for kicking shields, punching mitts, and other safety equipment. Not to mention our training facilities. If you think about it, in a way you’re investing in yourself twice.

Take the First Step

The only way to really understand Kung Fu is to come along and try a class. We think you’ll love the experience… because most people do. And if for any reason you don’t, just ask for a refund and we’ll happily give back your money.

Remember, nothing will ever change for the better in your life if you don’t take that first step. Make a commitment to yourself to follow through right now. Your martial arts journey starts today.

Class times and venues can be found on the Locations Page.

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