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Shaolin Kung Fu


Why Train With Us?

There are many reasons we believe you should try our martial art and see if it’s right for you. Below are a few:


One of the many things you are guaranteed with our system is fitness. Most students arrive with low aerobic capacity and unable to do even a few press-ups or sit-ups. But in a month or two you’ll be amazed at the difference in your performance.

Plus, we believe improving your fitness through a martial art is a lot more exciting and fun than spending hours at the gym or running on a treadmill!

Self Defence

To learn a system to defend yourself and your loved ones, you need two things. First, a reliable system that contains techniques that work in the real world. Second, you need to train your mind and body to be ready when the time comes.

We offer both and you’ll also be more equipped to avoid dangerous situations and encounters all together… which I think we can all agree is the best solution.


Our system is very broad and we believe it covers everything you need to be an extremely competent martial artist. While “cross-training” in many different martial arts is very popular now, there’s enough depth in Shaolin Kung Fu to keep learning for the rest of your life.

Reliable Instruction

Our Sifu experienced a lot frustration when many of his early martial arts instructors left town or stopped teaching. Sifu found Shaolin Kung Fu in the 1980s and has been based in Palmerston North since 1996.

So you can be assured that he will not leave your training stranded. Also, there are 23 Shaolin Kung Fu schools throughout New Zealand so you can continue your training in other centres.

Great People

Our school is also a place where like-minded individuals come together and form strong bonds with their fellow students. We have many social activities and you’ll form bonds for life here. As an example, every Friday at Jiu Lian Shan, students bring a plate and sit down for a meal after class.

Class Atmosphere

No one can learn in a negative environment. You’ll find our classes relaxed and enjoyable. Our Sifu has a masters degree in teaching and has many years experience teaching both children and adults.

Family Orientated

Our system teaches both children and adults, instilling important martial arts tenants to all ages. Many adults decided to join because they brought their children to class and couldn’t resist training themselves! It truly is a fun activity for the whole family.

Traditional Values

We keep within the traditional values of a martial art including honour and respect. Some new students mistakenly think because they’re paying money for a class, they’re a “customer.”

We operate by the martial arts code laid down hundreds of years ago. If you want to learn a martial art steeped in tradition and culture, then we welcome you. If you want to “buy” a black belt as quickly and easily as possible, we suggest you try somewhere else.


Unfortunately, many martial arts schools have lost their way to the almighty dollar. This is not the case with our system and all money raised goes back towards creating a better martial arts experience for you. No one in our system makes a living from teaching martial arts. We all have regular jobs just like you and teach out of passion for our art.

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