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Shaolin Kung Fu


Choosing a martial art

When looking for a martial art you are swamped with choices of different styles. We don’t envy your selection and the best way to make an informed decision is to do a lot of reading and then visit some classes.

To describe our art as briefly as possible:

“Shaolin Kung Fu is a broad art that uses a mixture of different techniques for feet and hands, including chin na (joint manipulation) which is usually attached to self defence applications. It is a broad system which includes kicking, punching, locking, throwing, and some ground work. Teaching also involves a variety of the amazing Shaolin animal styles and weapons, more of which are learnt as you progress through the system.”

What you will learn in class tends to be quite varied although coming up to grading there is obviously a greater emphasis on forms and the required syllabus work.

The best way to see if our system is right for you is to come and try a class or make an appointment to receive a free gift when you join. This also allows us to meet you, as Sifu will only teach students he feels have the right attitude. We look forward to meeting you!

Our Aims

To provide the best martial arts training in an enjoyable atmosphere where students, adults and children, will get fit, make new friends and learn self defence techniques.

To provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice traditional Shaolin martial arts and chi gung.

To increase awareness of the true benefits of traditional martial arts: respect; discipline; integrity; patience; tolerance and self-confidence, an alternative to fighting.

To offer dedicated qualified instructors who will ensure you and your children’s safety and help everyone to fulfil their physical and mental martial potential.

Our Sifu has a Ph.D in education and demands the highest quality teaching from all his instructors.

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